2009 Proceedings TOC

Update on Research with Non-Metal Based Wood Preservative Systems

Research Needs in Wood Preservation – Thoughts on In-plant Quality Control

Current Issues And Research On Wood Preservation In Canada

Current Research On Wood Preservation – University Of Toronto

A New Wood Preservative: Polymeric Betaine

CWPA 30th AGM Minutes - 2009

CWPA 30th Annual Conference Attendees List

CWPA 30th Annual Conference Program

CWPA-By Laws

Electrochemical Decontamination Of Creosote Effluent Loaded With Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

The Effect Of Profiling On The Checking Of Southern Pine And Amabilis Fir Decking Boards

Carbon Based Wood Preservatives: Applications And New Opportunities

Factors affecting the service life of poles in BC

Direct Measurement Of Wood Preservative Retention And Penetration Using Neutron Activation Analysis

Impact Of Biothermal Treatment Of Balsam Fir Wood On Durability

Performance Of Particleboards Treated For Fire Resistance

Recent Developments In Borate Wood Preservation

Organisms Causing Deterioration In Structures

Field Testing Of Wood Preservatives XVIII Performance Of Borate-Treated Wood Against Subterranean Termites

Wood Preservation In The 2010’s

Investigation Of The Distribution Of Copper Ethanolamine Complexes In Alkaline Copper Quat (ACQ) Wood Preservative


Applications des nanotechnologies pour l’amélioration des propriétés du bois

Wood Protection Research at UBC

Issues And Advances In Sapstain And Mold Control

Dispersed Copper Azole for Refractory Species

Current Research In Wood Durability And Protection At FPinnovations

Environmental Issues Update Canadian Wood Preservation Association Annual Meeting

CWPA Opening Address

Laboratory And Field Studies On The Efficacy Of Micronized Copper Azole (MCA) Preservative


Opportunities and Challenges in the Development of Non-metallic wood Preservatives

CWPA Balance Sheet As at 2007/03/31

Commercialization Of Thermal Modification

American Wood Protection Association: What We Can Do For You

Challenges In Treating Canadian Species

Performance Of Impralit-Kds New Preservative, New Chemistry

CWPA AGM 28 - 2007

CWPA By Laws

North American North Wood Pole Council Wood Council

Corrosion Performance Of Galvanized Articles In Contact With Pressure Treated Wood

Financial 2007

Wolman® AG – Carbon Based Wood Preservative

Chemical Stain In Hardwoods & Control

Performance Of New Silver Based Wood Preservatives

The Canadian Wood Preservation Association

Mold Growth On Wood-Plastic Composites

Thermowood: Benefits Of High Temperature Kilns

The Use Of Postsaver ® Barrier Wraps To Increase Service Life Of Wood In Ground Contact: Including Implications For Canada

Field Testing Of Wood Products In Canada XVI: Initiating Tests Of Naturally Durable Species

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North American Wood Pole Council (NAWPC)

Performance of Impralit final



Tru-Core™ Infusion Treatment For Wood And Wood Composites

Possibilities And Pitfalls – The Future Of Wood Preservation

Furfurylation Of Wood Overview

Orangeshield Mold Protection Program

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Issues with moisture movement in walls

Making Standards Work For People And Business

Wood Preservation Canada

The Potential Of Biological Treatment To Improve Durability Of Composites

Use Of Bioaccessibility Testing In Human Health Risk Assessment Of CCA-Contaminated Soils

In vitro oral bioavailability testing in human health risk assessment of CCA CCA- contaminated soils

Canada Wood Group