Non-residential Use

Specifiers Guide

Wood Preservation Standards – Non Residential Applications

The document has been developed by Wood Preservation Canada (WPC) to assist purchasers and users in the specifying of non residential treated wood products. To support in this effort some background information is provided about wood, wood treatments, manufacturing, preservative chemicals, quality assurance and inspection, the Use Category System and wood treatment standards.

The specification sheets that follow group each industrial treated wood product according to its intended end use. The specification guide ensures that the specifier/purchaser/user group correctly communicates to the manufacturer what they require.

WPC & CWC Specification Guide for Non-Residential Pressure Treated Wood Products (Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial) 2024

WPC – Specifiers Guide – Non-Residential Applications 2024

Specification Sheets

The specification sheets are intended to assist specifiers, purchasers, and/or user groups to correctly communicate to the manufacturer the treated product they need for its intended purpose. This will ensure that the product selected will have a long and successful life in-service.

The specification sheets are not meant to replace the CSA O80 Standard, but rather help specifiers, purchasers, and/or user groups in navigating the standard and identifying the correct section(s) for each product or product group required. To this end, the Specification Sheets are a reflection of the species, treatment preservatives, and treatment types that have been tested and approved by the CSA O80 Standard Technical Committee. It is important to note that although a species and/or treatment is allowable, it may not be commercially available. For example, because of geography and economics a red pine utility pole may not be available in Saskatchewan or a specific preservative may not be available to you because treating plants in your area supply a different, albeit acceptable, alternative product. Checking with local suppliers to identify specific product availability is important prior to issuing a tender document and can save time and money.

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